Welcome to PGF Midwest.

The mission of Premier Girls Fastpitch is to provide a national platform on which fastpitch softball players can demonstrate their individual and team-enhancing skills, competing against the Best of the Best players and teams.  The objectives include upgrading those skills through the ultimate developmental step of games and showcasing those skills at the highest possible level of competition, so that both players and college scouts are afforded the most viable evaluation of their talents with bat, ball, and glove.  The Premier offers a competitive stage for players at ascending age levels.  Teams are invited from around the country to the national games on the basis of proven performance, and/or, qualifying tournaments.  Premier employs a championship format, which tests player and team endurance and capability, and is a vital preparation for the college years to come.  Premier pursues a standard of excellence on and off the field, for players, coaches and umpires.  The team and players which stand on the top tier of this competition as national champions are truly, the Best of the Best.


PGF Midwest Mission
PGF Midwest(KAN/MO) is further committed to developing young athletes at the elite and grass roots level.  Offering ALL softball players a quality environment to develop. We will strive to provide an environment in which all participants- regardless of age or skill level- have the opportunity to develop and improve their game. Whether preparing for collegiate play or simply desiring to enjoy the great game of fastpitch, we’ll provide a safe, organized and transparent environment for all of your goals to be met.